Morning Star Sanctuary, Inc.
  A Christian refuge for victims of Domestic Violence.

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Children's Program

Domestic violence affects not only the women or men who are abused by their intimate partners, but also the children who live with these adults. Children have very different perspectives about the violence in their families, and they are often impacted in ways that adults may not even consider. Our goal is to listen to these smaller survivors and respond to them compassionately.

Children are silent victims of domestic violence.  Children do not understand the effects of domestic violence nor do they have the skills to cope effectively with what they may be experiencing.  Morning Star's goal is to provide children with

             H - Hope
             O - Optimism
             P - Peace
             E - Empowerment

Morning Star Sanctuary HOPE program offers the following services independently and in collaboration with other agencies, including the Comfort Zone and the Domestic Violence Division of the Metro Nashville Police Department:

- Counseling (both group and individual) provided free of charge to children residing in the shelter, as well as those ordered through the Tennessee Department of Children's Services or local courts. 

In 2015, we provided over 670 hours of counseling to children. We also coordinated individual and group through community outreach and on-site.

- Parenting Classes provided free of charge for victims of domestic violence to address violence in the home, appropriate methods of discipline based on individual circumstances, signs and symptoms of trauma in children, varying behaviorial issues and coping methods, stress management, conflict resolution, etc.

- Mentoring Program for Children

- Legal Advocacy for Court Appearances

- Support Group Services for Adults and Children

- Community Resource Referrals

- Other specialized counseling options available through referral to Comfort Zone or Metro Domestic Violence Division

Morning Star's HOPE program is funded through the Metropolitan Nashville government.
*The Comfort Zone is modeled after The Kids Place in Oklahoma City as an organization that offers anger management training for children and teens who have been affected by divorce. The Domestic Violence Division is staffed with detectives who work with survivors for prosecution, safety and offender accountability.

If you would like more information about the HOPE program
 at Morning Star Sanctuary, click HERE.