Morning Star Sanctuary, Inc.
  A Christian refuge for victims of Domestic Violence.

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Emergency Residence

There IS a need...

Absolutely the most dangerous time for a female survivor of dometic violence is when she takes steps to end the abusive relationship. It is at this point that she is more likely to be harmed or even killed than at any other time during the relationship. The same may be said for a male domestic violence survivor.
Finding a safe and confidential place to live after leaving the abusive relationship can be very challenging, made even more formidable if children are involved. Morning Star Sanctuary has established a 16-bed emergency shelter that is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year where survivors and children may stay for up to 90 days.
During that time, residents are provided food, clothing, basic need items, transportation, information and referrals to community resources. We also help residents develop a safety plan, seek long-term housing, address and resolve legal issues, begin a job search and establish a strategy for achieving financial stability.

Having somewhere safe to hide from an abuser is CRUCIAL to survivors of domestic violence. Many times they leave quickly with their children, taking nothing more than the clothes on their backs in their desperate attempts to get away.  Our emergency shelter provides them with an environment that helps them stay safe without the fear of injury or loss of life. 

In 2016, Morning Star Sanctuary provided 5,639 shelter nights for domestic violence victims.

Below are some pictures from the home that Morning Star Sanctuary provides for victims:

             LIVING ROOM                                         KITCHEN                                            DINING ROOM


                 BEDROOM                                            BEDROOM                         BEDROOM (in honor of Danita Marsh)

               LAUNDRY ROOM                              CLOTHING CLOSET                   FOOD PANTRY

If you would like more information about Morning Star Sanctuary's
Emergency Residence, click HERE.