Morning Star Sanctuary, Inc.
  A Christian refuge for victims of Domestic Violence.

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Transitional Housing

Another important service provided by Morning Star Sanctuary to victims of domestic violence is Transitional Housing.  Presently, there is one property being used as transitional housing.  This 4 bedroom, 2 bath house can comfortably house 6-8 residents.  The goal of Morning Star Sanctuary's Transitional Housing program is INDEPENDENCE.  In order to achieve this,

  • Each resident of the Transitional Housing residence must have a full-time job
  • A normal stay in the residence is about one year.  However, this time may be extended if the personal safety of the individual is still in question.
  • Residents receive counseling at least once every 3 months to help them work through the challenges of being independent.
  • Residents pay a rent that is well below the market rate and Morning Star Sanctuary pays all utilities and takes care of all maintenance.
  • Residents are eligible to join the Morning Star Sanctuary Mentoring program.

If you would like more information about Morning Star Sanctuary's
Transitional Housing Program, click HERE.